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BudgetWorks By Raye

Slide Into Savings Laminated Savings Challenge

Slide Into Savings Laminated Savings Challenge

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With this fun challenge, your savings will vary.  You get 1 Laminated challenge to use over and over again, 1 envelope to store your savings, 1 die (colors var) and 1 play chip.

How to play:

You play with challenge just like Plinko, but there is a kicker.  First roll your die and move (or slide) your chip to the number of the die you rolled.  You will keep rolling and moving your chip according to your roll until you get to the last row right before the last row of numbers,  When your chip lands on the last row, the number under it is what you will save.  Each circle on the challenge is a round. Mark off a circle every time you complete a round.  Once you have completed all 10 rounds, you are done with the challenge.  Here is the kicker:  Anytime you land on a "solid die (the purple, red, blue, green or yellow solid die) you have to roll and save that amount before you can keep going).



Premium 110lb Card Stock

Scotch Laminating Sheets

Premium Cannon Color Ink

All of my product are hand made and cut with love.  There may be some very little imperfections.  If you are fine with this, please proceed with purchasing.  Thanks!

Happy Saving! 


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