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BudgetWorks By Raye

Boom Chicka Pop

Boom Chicka Pop

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BOOM CHICKA POP comes with:

1 Laminated Savings Challenge Board

3 Scratch Off Cards titled Boom Chicka Pop

1 purple die and purple chip

1 Dashboard with Envelope for storing your savings 

The object of this challenge is to go around the board using the die and saving the amount you land on.  If you land on a Boom, Chicka or a Pop, go that that corresponding card and scratch off one of the scratch off areas and save that amount.  You WILL have to go to start a few times until all the scratch off areas are cleared.  Once all scratch offs are saved, you are done with the challenge.

This is a challenge that you can play over and over again.  Once you have scratched off all the scratch off areas.  Start all over again.  This time you can just mark off the number you save if you land on a Boom, Chicka or a Pop OR you can save the amounts on the challenge card for each Boom Chicka, Pop.  

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