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BudgetWorks By Raye

100 Envelope Roll & Save

100 Envelope Roll & Save

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Want to do the 100 Envelope Challenge but your on a low budget?  Do this one instead.  You are dealing with lower numbers because you are going to roll 1 or 2 dices.

Just roll a dice and place it into the corresponding envelope that goes with the number you rolled.  It's that easy.

This challenge is LAMINATED, so you  can play it over and over again.  

This challenge includes:

Laminated Challenge Card with colors that correspond with the 4 envelopes you will get!

4 Envelopes

Each envelope is for the following envelopes:

  Red - 1 - 25

  Blue - 26 - 50

  Green - 51 - 75

  Purple - 76 - 100

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