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BudgetWorks By Raye

Mystery Saving Challenges Grab Bag

Mystery Saving Challenges Grab Bag

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You get 6 Savings Challenges at a deep discount.  All Grab Bags are different.

These are A6 Challenges and they DO NOT come laminated!

This is a "Mystery" so you don't know what you will get so purchase at your own risk!

Challenges you MAY GET:


A Girls Best Friend (Save $200)

Candy Coated Savings (Save $100)

It Takes 2 To Tango

Hello 2024 (Save $75)

Hello 2024 (Save $150)

Save Ya Roll (Save $315)

Emergency Stash (Save $1K)

Blooming Savings (Save $60)       

Shut The Box Mini (Savings Vary)       

Save Your Evens (Save $150)

Save Your Bubbles (Save $100)

Demolish That Debt (Tracker)

Feed The Pig (Save 60)

Rock, Paper, Scissors (Save $60) - No Scratch Off

March Madness (Savings Vary)

Lucky Savings (Save $75+)

Save The Box (Save $70)

Chain Reaction (Savings Varies)

Winter Wonderland (No Scratch off, Save %100)

Cupcake Cash

Roll & Stuff The Bag (Savings Varies)



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